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September 26 - September 27

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Nordic Privacy Arena 2022

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Anders Holt
Data Protection Officer (Personvernombud) for Norwegian Directorate of Labor & Welfare (NAV)
Anders Holt has worked as a Copywriter, Communications Manager, Content Manager, Web Manager, and was the DPO for Telenor in Norway for 6 years. The last 5 years he has been DPO for the Norwegian Directorate of Labor & Welfare (NAV) in Norway.

He has broad experience both from strategic and practical privacy related work. He has an 8-year degree in philosophy (mag.art) from the University of Oslo and some other education also.
Andrea Jelinek
Chair of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB)
Dr Jelinek has held the position of Chair of the European Data Protection Board since May 2018, and Head of the Austrian Data Protection Authority since 2014.

Dr Jelinek previously was head of the Vienna Foreign Police, followed by a position as Head in the Regional Police Department. Before that, she worked in the Ministry of the Interior as head of department in the legal and legislative department, before being appointed head of a police commissioner's office.

Jelinek started out her career as a consultant for the Austrian Science Fund, and a trainee legal officer at the Austrian Rectors' Conference.

Björn Lundell
Professor, University of Skövde
Björn Lundell received a PhD from the University of Exeter in 2001. He is a professor at the University of Skövde where he leads the Software Systems Research Group, and has been a staff member and researcher since 1984.

His research addresses fundamental socio-technical challenges concerning software systems, and focuses on different aspects of lock-in, interoperability, and longevity of systems. Professor Lundell’s research contributes to theory and practice in the software systems domain and centres on different aspects of openness (in particular open source and open standards) related to development, procurement, use, and deployment of software systems.

His research is reported in over 100 papers in a variety of international journals and conferences. Professor Lundell is active in international and national research projects, and has contributed to guidelines and policies at national and EU levels.
Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg
Professor, LL.D
Professor Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg is Subject Director of law and Information technology at Stockholm University.

She was awarded a LL.D. degree in 1992, with a doctoral thesis addressing legal automation with special focus on computerisation in public administration. Legal implications of e-government remains as one of her major fields of work.

In addition to substantive components of IT law, e.g. privacy protection, she has had many years of experience of legal system design and management, giving rise to information security issues and the need for electronic signatures etc.
Daniel Akenine
National Technology Officer, Microsoft
Daniel Akenine is a physicist, lecturer, writer and former neuroscientist at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. He currently works for the Microsoft Technology Office.

In 2015 he was appointed to IASA Fellow and ranked as one of the top IT-architects worldwide. In 2022 he was listed by IDG and TechSverige as one of the 50 most influential in tech in Sweden.

Daniel is one of ten members in the National Digitalisation Council chaired by the Swedish Minister of Digitalisation and is also an established Swedish fiction writer with the latest novel “11 grams of truth” about privacy and power in our modern society.
Daniel Westman
Independent Legal Advisor and Researcher, Stockholm
Daniel Westman is one of Sweden's leading experts in ICT law and media law. He has worked with data protection law for over 20 years.

Daniel is an independent advisor, teacher, and researcher. He has served as an expert on many government committees, e.g., the Data Protection Committee.
Ebba Josefson Lindqvist
Project Manager for the Data Factory, AI Sweden
Ebba is responsible for coordinating and developing AI Sweden’s Data Factory, including the expansion of the infrastructure, cutting-edge AI labs connected to the Data Factory and how partners best can use the resources to accelerate applied AI in Sweden.

Ebba has a law degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, and also works with legal aspects of AI at AI Sweden, e.g. data sharing and GDPR. She has previous experience from law firms in both California and Sweden as well as from a legal tech startup.

Ebba is Director of Nordic Nodes for the networking organization Silicon Vikings, a network focusing on tech and connecting Silicon Valley and the New Nordics.
Eija Warma-Lehtinen
Castren & Snellman, Partner; IAPP, Country leader for the Nordics
I am one of the leading data protection and privacy experts in Europe. I head our firm’s Data Protection & Privacy practice. My team and I have advised numerous clients in extensive legislation research projects and a wide range of issues relating to data protection and the processing of personal data as well as in authority and litigation processes.

I am recognised for my expertise both in Finland and internationally. Chambers Europe, Legal 500, Who’s Who Legal Internet & e-Commerce, Information Technology and Women in Business Law rank me among Finland’s leading legal experts. I have also been listed as one of the top 100 technology influencers in Finland..

I serve as a professor of practice at the University of Lapland. Prior to commencing my career as attorney in 2005, I worked at the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.
Elisabeth Wagner
Head of International Bureau – EDPB Chair Coordination Team, Austrian Data Protection Authority
Elisabeth Wagner has been working at the Austrian data protection authority since 2014 and, as coordinator of the international bureau, is entrusted in particular with supporting the chairing of the EDPB and conducting cross-border proceedings.
Erka Koivunen
Chief Security Office, WithSecure
Companies, governments, and a variety of other organizations consult with Erka extensively on everything from risk assessment to incident response, and he has testified as an expert witness for the EU, Finnish, and British Parliaments.
Eva Jarbekk
Partner, Schjødt, Oslo
Eva has over 20 years experience with legal tech and digitalization processes, and the belonging cyber security and privacy issues.

She heads Schjødt's privacy department and has written several books on privacy and been the member of several governmental privacy committees and is former chair of the Norwegian Privacy Appeal Court.

Eva's got a pragmatic and hands-on approach to legal technical issues and believes that privacy is a very important legal field because it does not only deal with how to set a value on a company, but also with what kind of society we are developing and basic democratic principles.
Fenitra Ravelomanantsoa
Head of Cloud Privacy, EMEA - Google Cloud
Fenitra leads the Google Cloud Privacy team in Europe, driving strategic data protection and regulatory compliance programs for Google Cloud. Prior to joining Google Cloud Privacy team, Fenitra served as a legal counsel and privacy officer for the AXA Group.
Frances Haugen
Advocate for accountability & transparency in social media
Frances Haugen is an advocate for accountability & transparency in social media. Born in Iowa City, Iowa, Frances is the daughter of two professors and grew up attending the Iowa caucuses with her parents, instilling a strong sense of pride in democracy and responsibility for civic participation.

Frances holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Olin College and a MBA from Harvard University. She is a specialist in algorithmic product management, having worked on ranking algorithms at Google, Pinterest, Yelp and Facebook. In 2019, she was recruited to Facebook to be the lead Product Manager on the Civic Misinformation team, which dealt with issues related to democracy and misinformation, and later also worked on counter-espionage.

During her time at Facebook, Frances became increasingly alarmed by the choices the company makes prioritizing their own profits over public safety and putting people's lives at risk. As a last resort and at great personal risk, Frances made the courageous decision to blow the whistle on Facebook. The initial reporting was done by the Wall Street Journal in what became known as “The Facebook Files”.

Since going public, Frances has testified in front of the US Congress, UK and EU Parliaments, the French Senate and National Assembly, and has engaged with lawmakers internationally on how to best address the negative externalities of social media platforms.

Frances has filed a series of complaints with the US Federal Government relating to Facebook (now named ‘Meta’) claiming that the company has been misleading the public and investors on how it handles issues such as climate change, misinformation, and hate speech, and the impact of its services on the mental health of children and young adults.

Frances fundamentally believes that the problems we are facing today with social media are solvable, and is dedicated to uniting people around the world to bring about change. We can have social media that brings out the best in humanity.
Irene Ek
Manager Government Affairs & Public Policy, Google Cloud Nordics
I am Manager of Government Affairs & Public Policy at Google Cloud in the Nordics. I have a PhD in management from Stockholm University with a focus on digital transformation and I have 20 years experience in providing strategic policy advice on digitalisation and AI to the Swedish Government, the European Commission, United Nations and the OECD.

Previously I was an international AI expert at the OECD AI Policy Observatory in Paris and vice chair of the OECD Working Party for the measurement and analysis of the digital economy (MADE).
Ida Wedén
Nordic Legal Counsel
Ida Wedén is Google's regional counsel for the Nordics.
Isabelle Roccia
Managing Director, Europe IAPP
As Managing Director, Europe, Roccia leads the IAPP’s growing Brussels office and engages with senior industry leaders, policymakers, regulators and civil society, keeping IAPP members informed and apprised of local developments. She serves as the public voice for the IAPP across Europe and provides strategic guidance on European engagement and market expansion.

Prior to joining the IAPP, Roccia served as Director of Policy, EMEA of BSA | The Software Alliance in Brussels, Belgium. In this role, she developed and advanced policy positions on a range of key issues to the global software industry, with a focus on data privacy, international data flows, cybersecurity, digital trade and digital transformation. She is a recognized contributor to policymaking on these issues on national, European and multilateral levels. Prior to that, Roccia was the Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Mission to the EU in Brussels.
Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Professor of Computer Science, Karlstad University and Associate Professor, University of Nijmegen and University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Jaap-Henk Hoepman (1966) is currently a guest professor at the PRISEC - Privacy And Security group of Karlstad University, Sweden.

He is also an associate professor at the Digital Security group of the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, working for the iHub, the interdisciplinary research hub on Digitalization and Society. He is also an associate professor in the IT Law section of the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen. Moreover he is a principal scientist (and former scientific director and co-founder) of the Privacy & Identity Lab.

He studies privacy by design and privacy friendly protocols for identity management and the Internet of Things. He speaks on these topics at national and international congresses and publishes papers in (inter)national journals. He also appears in the media as security and privacy expert, and writes about his research in the popular press. He is actively involved in the public debate concerning security and privacy in our society.

In October 2021 his book Privacy Is Hard and Seven Other Myths. Achieving Privacy through Careful Design appeared at MIT Press.

In his free time he enjoys making composing music, designing graphics, cooking, and practising Okinawan Goju Ryu karate-do.

Email: jhh@cs.ru.nl
Web: http://www.cs.ru.nl/~jhh
Blog: blog.xot.nl
Twitter: @xotoxot
Jan Stappers
LL.M. EU Whistleblowing Specialist, Associate Partner Development Director NAVEX
An expert in organisational whistleblowing management, Jan was engaged in the development of the new ISO 37002 Standard, is a frequent speaker on subjects related to whistleblowing, and has authored various articles on new legislation concerning whistleblower protection, anti-corruption and organisational whistleblowing best practices.

Jan is CIPP/E is an International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E). He holds a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) from King’s College London in the United Kingdom (EU Competition Law) and a Master’s Degree (LL.M) from Leiden University in the Netherlands (European Law)
Josefine Rembsgård
Legal Coordinator at Lindholmen Science Park, AI Sweden
Josefine works as a Legal Coordinator at Lindholmen Science Park, and its initiative AI Sweden, where she works with legal questions connected to innovation projects within artificial intelligence (AI).
Kim Parviainen
Partner, Castrén & Snellman
I work with all things intellectual property and digital. In particular, my work focuses on regulatory issues and litigation in the digital space.

I routinely act for clients in, e.g. complicated intellectual property, data protection and technology-related projects and disputes. I have represented clients in litigation before both national and European courts, before arbitral tribunals, as well as in a range of regulatory proceedings and appeals. Clients also often appreciate my technical expertise and understanding of the technological and business details of the projects and disputes I advise on.

Frequently, I am also asked by clients help draft and negotiate complex commercial contracts on everything from multi-jurisdictional licensing deals for both tech and content, to selective distributorship, R&D, consortia, standardisation and so on.
Leena Kuusniemi
Technology lawyer at ICTLC Finland in Helsinki
Leena Kuusniemi is a technology lawyer and MD of ICTLC Finland in Helsinki. She has worked in Legal departments of Rovio Entertainment ("Angry Birds" Finland HQ) and Nokia (Director Legal&IP in Finland HQ, Vancouver BC, Copenhagen) supporting strategic technology licensing, mobile advertising and global privacy, data security and regulatory matters.

Leena is a Visiting Fellow at the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (Maastricht University) and she has attended several EU Commission Working Groups around privacy, consumer rights and technology platform issues.

She has her qualification degree from the University of Helsinki and an additional LL.M. (Law and Information Technology) from the University of Stockholm and has attended Harvard Law School’s Internet Law course in 2001.
Linda Gustaffson
Founder of the health tech company Bryr
Linda is the founder of the health tech company Bryr, a startup that genuinely care about the users privacy. Linda has a background from working with IT-strategy and as an CIO in the municipality of Sundsvall.

The last years she also works as a digital strategist at Sweco and as a innovation manager at Bron innovation.
Maria Skogh
Deputy Chief Legal Officer, City of Lund
Maria Skogh is the leading expert in data protection and head of the privacy team in Lund municipality. Maria has held the position since 2018. Since 2022, Maria also holds the position of deputy chief legal officer. Maria provides strategic and practical guidance to the committees and their administrations within the municipality. The city of Lund is Sweden's 12th largest municipality with 127,000 citizens and 11,000 employees.

Maria leads the development of the municipality's strategic and operational framework in key areas regarding compliance and regulatory issues in the field of data protection. The municipality is known for its development in the areas of operational digitization, development of digital services and automation. Maria has been recognized as a key person in the municipality's successful development in these areas.
Mattias Gotthold
Michael Hopp
Partner, Plesner, Copenhagen
Michael Hopp is a partner in Plesner's Corporate and Compliance team and head of Plesner's Data Protection team.

Michael Hopp was one of the first lawyers in Denmark to specialise in the area of data privacy and data protection. He has worked with data protection for more than 15 years and has long ago become a key player and a household name on the Danish data protection scene.

Michael advises a number of the most significant Danish and multinational companies across industries and has been heading the GDPR preparations for most of the clients.

Michael also advises clients on data protection compliance projects, international data transfers, whistle blower hotlines, privacy policies for customers or employees, employee monitoring and data protection issues in relation to US Discovery.

In the area of marketing Michael has deep knowledge about data-driven marketing. In his work, Michael focuses particularly on the commercial gains to be made from the use of data-driven marketing.

M: +45 29 99 30 14
T: +45 36 94 13 06
E: mho@plesner.com
Mikko Pohjala
Entrepreneur at Qubital Oy, Chair of the Finnish Data Protection Association
Experienced data protection, information security and payment specialist with a technical background. Versatile work experience as an entrepreneur, information security expert especially in the payment card industry, technical expert of law enforcement authorities, full stack developer and in the banking industry.
Monika Wendleby
Partner at Passacon AB. Lawyer and management consultant.
Monika Wendleby, partner at Passacon AB, is a qualified lawyer and management consultant. She supports organizations from both perspectives. She has written several well-known books, law commentaries and articles in GDPR and other related areas.
Morten Eeg Ejrnæs Nielsen
Security Advisor, Cyber-, Information security & Compliance, Globeteam
Morten has worked with cyber security, information security and data protection in several public and private organizations and across several sectors.

Mortens' work has consisted of both starting and running projects for the implementation of data protection and information security and has acted as a Data Protection Officer, head of information security, as a security specialist and as a trusted advisor for several public and private organisations, including several universities.
Nidia Nordenström
Legal Advisor, Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, IMY
I have been working as a legal advisor at IMY for 10 years, mostly towards the private sector. Currently as Team Leader within the Enterprise Unit. I came back from my last parental leave in April this year. Since then I’ve become involved in IMY’s innovation project, which aims to support the innovation and tech market’s knowledge of data protection.
Nikolaus Forgó
Professor of IT and IP Law
Head of the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law Extensive dogmatic and third-party funded research for European, German and Austrian clients regarding questions of IT law, in particular data protection and data security law.
Nils G. Indahl
DPO of the Church of Norway
Nils G. Indahl is the DPO of the Church of Norway, an organisation with 3,6 million members, 8 500 employees and 70 000 volunteers. He is chair of the Norwegian Association of Data Protection Officers. He worked as a journalist, radio correspondent and lecturer, and has written several university textbooks. He studied political science and European law at the University of Copenhagen, where he taught communication and IT from 2013 to 2018.
Odia Kagan
Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy Practice at Fox Rothschild LLP
Odia Kagan is a Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy Practice at Fox Rothschild LLP, a US national law firm. Odia has advised more than 200 companies of varying industries and sizes on compliance with GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and other US data protection laws.

With an emphasis on a pragmatic, risk based approach, Odia provides clients with practical advice on how to design and implement their products and services in a compliant manner. Odia holds 3 law degrees, 5 bar admissions and 7 privacy certifications (CIPP/US/E, CIPM, CDPO, C-GDPR/P, FIP, PLS).

You can follow her on
or Twitter at @odiakagan.
Paul Breitbarth
Data Protection Lead, Catawiki
Paul Breitbarth is a privacy lawyer from the Netherlands. He currently works for Catawiki as Data Protection Lead. In addition, Paul works as Senior Visiting Fellow at Maastricht University’s European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, and serves as Member of the Data Protection Board of the European Patent Office. He is a regular speaker on webinars and at conferences, and co-hosts the Serious Privacy podcast.

Previously, Paul worked both in the public and private sector in multiple privacy roles, including at TrustArc, Nymity and the Dutch Data Protection Authority. He was an active member of various Article 29 Working Party subgroups, co-authoring opinions on the data protection reform, surveillance, the Privacy Shield and others. In 2015, he organized the International Privacy Conference in Amsterdam. Paul holds a Master of Laws from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
Per Meyerdierks
Director, Privacy Legal, Google
After having worked as in-house counsel for Lycos Europe and Spray for two years, Per Meyerdierks has joined Google at its offices in Hamburg, Germany as in-house counsel in 2007 and now works there as Legal Director, Privacy, advising Google with a focus on European Data Protection Law and serving as a point of contact for EU Data Protection Authorities. Per regularly speaks and publishes on privacy issues.
Peter Fleischer
Global Privacy Counsel, Google
Peter Fleischer is Google’s Global Privacy Counsel. Since joining Google in 2006 as Google’s first full-time privacy professional, Peter has worked with growing teams at Google to build strong privacy protections, develop privacy compliance programs, and engage with privacy stakeholders and regulators around the world. Prior to joining Google, he worked for a decade at Microsoft, as Director of Regulatory Affairs.

Peter is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law. He is an elite swimmer, and loves French food and opera.
Simone Fischer-Hübner
Professor of Computer Science Karlstad University & Chalmers University of Technology
Simone Fischer-Hübner has been a Full Professor at Karlstad University since June 2000, where is the head of the Privacy& Security (PriSec) research group. She received a Diploma Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Law (1988), and a PhD (1992) and Habilitation (1999) Degrees in Computer Science from Hamburg University. She was a Guest Professor at Copenhagen Business School in 1994/1995 and Stockholm University / Royal Institute of Technology in 1998/1999. Moreover, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Chalmers University of Technology in 2021 and is since April 2022 a part-time Guest Professor at Chalmers.

She has been conducting research in privacy, cyber security and privacy-enhancing technologies for more than 30 years. She is the Swedish representative of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) TC 11 (Security and Privacy Protection), IFIP TC 11 vice chair, member of Cybersecurity Council of the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB), board member of the Swedish Data Protection Forum (Forum för Dataskydd) and member of the board for the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposia (PETS).

She is partner in several European cybersecurity and privacy-related research projects including the EU H2020 projects CyberSec4Europe and she was the scientific coordinator of the EU H2020 Marie Curie ITN Privacy&Us (Privacy&Usability). Moreover, she coordinates the Swedish IT Security Network for PhD students (SWITS).
Stina Almström
Legal Advisor, Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, IMY
I have been working as a legal advisor at IMY for four years, and have mostly been dealing with issues related to public sector bodies. I have also been a part of the international department, which is representing IMY in the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). However, for the past twelve months my main focus has been IMY’s innovation project, which aims to support the innovation and tech market’s knowledge of data protection.
Tobias Oechtering
Professor in Information Science and Engineering
Tobias Oechtering is a Professor in Information Science and Engineering Division at KTH since 2018 and Director of KTH Digitalization Platform since 2019.

He received his Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 2002 from RWTH Aachen University, and Dr.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2007 from the Technical University of Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Holger Boche.

In 2012 he became Docent in Communication Theory at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In November 2008 he joined the Communication Theory Department at KTH as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, was an Assistant Professor between July 2010 and April 2014, an Associate Professor between May 2014 and October 2018. He received the Vodafone Foundation young researcher award in 2009 and became Fellow of KTH Digital Futures in 2021.

He currently serves as senior editor of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security and is the PI of the collaborative project DataLEASH at KTH Digital Futures. His research interests are in the area of information theory, statistical learning, smart system designs, privacy and security.
Ängla Eklund
Associate, Advokat Mannheimer Swartling
Ängla Eklund works with corporate sustainability at Mannheimer Swartling and is specialized in privacy. Ängla Eklund is also co-chair of the non-profit organization the Swedish Institute of Law and Internet which is a Swedish expert organization working with internet law, privacy and freedom of expression in digital contexts.


    On Demand

    Welcome to the NPA! Data protection and privacy – more important than ever!

    Caroline Olstedt Carlström Watch now
    Welcome to day 2

    Caroline Olstedt Carlström

    Watch now
    Case – Introduction to the Vastaamo case let’s discuss cyber security incidents, and the accountability perspective

    Kim Parviainen & Erka Koivunen Watch now
    Setting the scene - Data Protection in school settings

    Mattias Gotthold Watch now
    Data Privacy News Update

    Daniel Westman Watch now
    Human rights and data processing outside the EEA - A regulator view

    Michael Hopp Watch now
    Navigating international data transfers post Schrems 2, with some real world examples like Google Analytics

    Q&A with Peter Fleischer & Ida Wedén Watch now

    Keynote - Privacy Enhanced Technology - From research to implementation

    Simone Fischer-Hübner

    Watch now
    Keynote on AI and Data Protection/Privacy

    Daniel Akenine Watch now
    Keynote on DPO independence and new case law

    Paul Breitbarth Watch now
    Keynote on the Danish DPA contributions to interesting and important case law – what to expect for instance from a technical and architectural perspective?

    Allan Frank Watch now
    Keynote – About the plan and focus areas for EDPB during 2022 and 2023

    Dr. Andrea Jelinek Watch now
    Keynote on Open Source aspects, a report to Vinnova and Swedish Government

    Björn Lundell Watch now
    Keynote - What about the kids – the human rights perspective and the internet

    Leena Kuusniemi Watch now
    Keynote on US Privacy and the relationship to the EU human rights context

    Odia Kagan Watch now

    Frances Haugen Watch now

    Panel on data protection in school settings

    Maria Skogh, Morten Eeg Ejrnæs Nielsen, Mattias Gotthold, Ängla Eklund - moderated by Daniel Westman Watch now
    International data transfers – panel discussion

    Peter Fleischer, Kim Parviainen, Allan Frank, Nikolaus Forgó - moderated by Eva Jarbekk Watch now
    Ending the day – reflecting on interesting takeaways and what may lie ahead

    Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Paul Breitbarth, Eva Jarbekk, Eija Warma Lehtinen - moderated by Caroline Olstedt Carlström Watch now
    IMY on Innovators; testing new working methods to provide guidance to innovation actors

    Stina Almström, Nidia Nordenström, Josefine Rembsgård, Ebba Josefson Lindqvist Watch now
    How could innovation and technology solve the privacy issues. Let’s check out the Norwegian AI Sandbox and other interesting concepts

    Anders Holt, Peter Fleischer, Fredrik Norberg, Jan Tadeusz Stappers, Linda Gustafsson - moderated by Monika Wendleby Watch now
    Panel discussion on calculating privacy and the legal tech perspective

    Simone Fischer-Hübner, Tobias Oechtering, Jaap-Henk Hoepman - moderated by Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg Watch now
    Four years down the road - Does data protection work? The DPO role, the associations, and the national implementation in the Nordics and elsewhere

    Elisabeth Wagner, Isabelle Roccia, Caroline Olstedt Carlström, Morten Eeg Ejrnæs Nielsen, Mikko Pohjala, Nils G. Indahl - moderated by Eija Warma Lehtinen Watch now


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